La Plaine-sur-Mer / Pornic / Loire Atlantique / South Brittany / France
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A campsite close to the beach near Pornic

Campsite by the sea in La Plaine sur Mer

In the Loire-Atlantique region, the ‘route bleue’ or ‘blue road’ connects the south, with its Breton marshlands that spill over into the Vendée region, and the north, with the towns of Saint-Nazaire, la Baule and Guérande. If you leave this road via Saint-Nazaire bridge, you will find yourself on the Pointe Saint Gildas peninsula.

La Renaudière campsite is located at the heart of this peninsula and therefore offers a wide range of beaches close by.

Your best bet for exploring is probably to hop on a bike and plunge right into the unspoilt maritime nature around you. All the beaches are fine sand beaches and they are all different, meaning there’s something for everyone!

Vast beaches, small creeks, or rocky beaches on the Côté Sauvage: the choice is yours, depending on whether you want to lie back and relax or have a go at maritime life and gather some shellfish when the tide is right!

View of Mouton beach near the campsite in Pornic

Mouton beach near the campsite

View of the boats on Mouton port near Pornic

The boats near Mouton beach near Pornic

Path towards La Pointe Saint-Gildas beach on the French Atlantic coast

Path towards La Pointe Saint-Gildas beach in south Brittany

Watersports in south Brittany at La Pointe Saint-Gildas near La Renaudière campsite

Sailing at La Pointe Saint-Gildas in the Loire-Atlantique region

Coastal paths in south Brittany near La Renaudière campsite

Walking trails along the French Atlantic Coast near the campsite

Horse-riding along the coastal paths near La Plaine-sur-Mer (La Renaudière campsite)

Horse rides on the coast near Pornic (south Brittany)

Fisherman’s hut on Joalland beach on the French Atlantic coast

Fisherman’s hut on Joalland beach near Pornic

View of a beach near Pornic and near La Plaine-sur-Mer near La Renaudière campsite

Fine sand beach near La Renaudière campsite (Pornic region)

Coastal path near Pornic and La Renaudière campsite

Unspoilt coast in South Brittany near La Renaudière campsite

L’Etang beach near La Plaine-sur-Mer on the French Atlantic coast

L’Etang beach near La Plaine-sur-Mer in the Loire-Atlantique region

View of a coastal path on the Côte Sauvage in the Loire Atlantique region

Discover the beautiful coasts of the Côte Sauvage (French Atlantic)

Seaside path near Préfailles close to La Renaudière campsite

The smuggler’s path along the coast near Préfailles

Beaches and sandy creeks at La Plaine-sur-Mer near the campsite

Our coastal region boasts some beautiful fine sand beaches, to enjoy the summer sun by the Atlantic ocean.

During your holiday, make the most of a range of water sports and beach sports with something for campers of all ages!
This stretch of what we call the 'Jade Coast' is also full of beaches and creeks that are ideally suited for a spot of shore fishing!.

We remain at your disposal for any further information to help you better plan your holiday.

Interactive map of the beaches near the campsite.

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Beach near La Renaudière campsite near Pornic in Brittany